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Sarah Bird


I'm new to this list so I apologize if this isn't the appropriate venue or is just obvious, no intention of wasting anyone's time.

But I wanted to say:

(1) Have just installed the account_voucher module - and it's great - thank you for your hard work
(2) I have also seen the same error as Jerzy and solved it as follows:
  1. Go to Administration -> Customization -> User Interface -> Views
  2. Search for "View Name"
  3. Observe that there are two view names but with different "Xml ID" (account.view_bank_statement_form & account.view_bank_statement_form2)
  4. Further down the list you can see & You can also see their "Inherited View" is
  5. Dig into these two views and you see that they are inheriting the view with the "Xml ID" account.view_bank_statement_form
  6. I edited these two views so they now inheret view with the "Xml ID" account.view_bank_statement_form2
    1. Edit desired view
    2. Go to Extra Info
    3. Change the Inherited View
  7. The error is now gone

In doing this I also noticed two other views that inherit the "Xml ID" account.view_bank_statement_form. Their "Xml ID"s are account_analytic_plans.view_bank_statement_inherit_form & account_payment.view_bank_statement_form

Maybe I will get an error related to these a little later, but I haven't got that far yet.

Thanks again for your work on this, this has got me flying!


Sarah Bird

On Mon, 23 Jan 2012 04:59:23 -0800 Jerzy Orłowski wrote:

Hi, I am testing your version and I get

"View error

Can't find field 'voucher_id' in the following view parts composing the view of object model '':

Either you wrongly customized this view, or some modules bringing those views are not compatible with your current data model"
Did you check, how your  module works with bank statements or maybe I am 
missing something?
On 23.11.2011 11:38, Frédéric Clementi wrote:
We already had the opportunity to tell you but this is an excellent job guys. I really like the usability (check boxes, paid amount at the bottom) and the speed ! At the moment, performance is lacking on today standard voucher.
I would add that the few test I have done shows correct figures.

One thing though (I cannot only say that you are great !)... the exchange rate difference between the real bank rate and the OpenERP rate goes to write-off... in my view it should go to the currency difference amount. What do you think?
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2011/11/22 Colin MacMillan <[hidden email] <[hidden email]>>
    Hi Olivier, glad to hear you have tested the module.  The inheritance
    approach was looked at but we decided against it ... perhaps we will
    review it now as this is a good idea.

    Regarding the testing, we tested it with our own scenarios and
    also got
    help from other openerp partners.  The module is in 8 different live
    implementations all using multi-currency so we are happy with the
    accuracy.  To be honest I've not yet work out how to do YAML tests
    and it
    is very technical and can I say 'geeky'.  Personally I'd rather use a
    spreadsheet with figures I know are correct, then test this out on a
    system manually.

    We are keeping an eye on the 6.1 version which is much better for
    multi-currency but still varies significantly from a usability

    Your viewpoints are appreciated.


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    On 11/18/2011 01:15 PM, Colin MacMillan wrote:
    > This module has a number of additional features:
    > - speed - on_change has been replaced with a button for retrieving
    > open lines
    > - ergonomics - the layout and ability to select lines with a
    tick box
    > makes the screen very easy to use
    > - the new approach is not top-down, but bottom-up in design which is
    > more intuitive for the operator.  Total appears at the bottom.
    > - credit and invoice lines appear in different colours on the same
    > list which is more logical
    > - fully functional multi-currency - has already undergone heavy
    > testing
    > - 4 configurable accounts for write-off gain/losses and exchange
    > gains/losses
    > - enhanced cancellation process - fixes error in logic that meant
    > partial payments would be retrospectively unreconciled automatically

    Great job, your module seems to work nicely and introduces interesting

    One question pops immediately: why not building it as an extension
    of the
    original account_voucher module, instead of duplicating the

    I did not check thoroughly, but it seems you copied enough of the
    account_voucher module to stay compatible with the rest of the
    system. So
    presumably this could also be achieved with an inheriting module,
    after refactoring some parts of the core that are currently hard to
    inherit, and fixing any remaining bugs.
    Your module would then be compatible with the official ones, simply
    providing a variation on the workflow and screens of the original

    I suppose you have tried both approaches, so I would be interested
    to know
    how hard you think it would be to go the inheriting route,
    imagining your
    module as "account_voucher_alternative_layout", if you see what I

    BTW, did you compare your module with the trunk/6.1 version of
    account_voucher, or only with 6.0?

    And one last question, if I may: there do not seem to be any YAML
    scenarios/test in the source of your module, so what strategy did
    you use
    when you say it "has already undergone heavy testing"?


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